Unconditional: A Movie Review

By Caroline Huey


            The movie, Unconditional, stars Lynn Collins as Samantha Crawford, a woman who is devastated by the death of her husband. This inspirational movie shows that people should never give up on their dreams, and that looks can be deceiving.


            At the beginning of the movie, Sam is read to kill herself at the place of her husband’s murder.  Two children running through the streets stop her suicide attempt when a car hits the younger child.  Sam rushes the little girl to the hospital.

While Sam is at the hospital with the little girl, she runs into an old friend: Joe Bradford (played by Michael Ealy).  Joe, called Papa Joe by the children he cares for, lives in the Projects and knows the children too.  The plot thickens when Sam takes a trip to Papa Joe’s house and finds more than she ever expected, including the man who might have murdered her husband.

For more information about this movie, check out its page on IMDb.

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